Friday, July 29, 2011

5 on Friday

the end of July?! what?! already?! I can't believe it!!  Summer is almost over :(( I am not ready for it to go yet! I have so much left to do! *Sigh*

Five Summer Favorites:

  1. 4th of July- this is my all-time favorite holiday! parade, sunshine, food & family! think we'll add water games for the 'kids' next year.

 2. camping/boating- we've done much better this year than the past 2 in keeping a schedule @ the lake, we've even been able to take a Sunday & go on an off weekend.

3. Friday Fun Days(Thanks Stacey)- getting the childcare kids out & about, learning, exploring & experiencing our small town.
4. Gardening-experimenting, learning & loving the experience.
5. Farmer's Market- whether its the big city one, our local one or a random one I happen upon, I am in love of them! Just can't get enough. the people, the vendors, the produce, the whole experience!

These are all things I have blogged extensively about but still needed te gtt them all together in one list. Next friday, I will shoot for a list of things I haven't blogged about so much!  What are your 5 favorites of Summer??
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