Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8th garden update

<~~~~~~~7/6/11 & 6/26/11~~~~~~~>
the wysteria vine, finally bloomed this year so now finally has pods on it
 my gorgeous english ivy very slowly moving its way up the trellis
 plants we started from seeds in the cinder block
 same angle of the long strip of 'garden'
 surprise squash plant... or maybe watermelon but I think pumpkin/squash, something Sammy pulled from the compost layer of the lasagna garden.  I put a cage around it to save it from the mower :)
 more surprise squash plants growing from the compost :)
 grass I put around the tomatoes & peppers to help w/the weeding
 surprise plant blooming, shouldn't be much longer until we learn what it is :)
 the banana peppers
 tomatoes, peppers, onions & zinnias

just a peek @ our garden areas & what a difference in a couple of weeks!  
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