Saturday, July 9, 2011


I love a good routine, especially when it means not having to think about what is happening, jsut going through the motions.  I joined FlyLady many years ago & learned about routines & how to keep life simple. I have strayed a bit but the basics are still alive in my days. 

I still like to:
  1. go to bed w/a clean sink
  2. run the d/w at bed time-if its full the last time I am in the kitchen, I set the timer for it to kick on later
  3. lay my clothes out the night before as part of my bedtime routine, sometimes that means running clothes + work clothes
  4. clean w/baskets for other rooms instead of getting distracted when I deliver something to its home
  5. clean the hotspots regularly
  6. pack by a list
  7. make a list & follow it
  8. drink my 64oz minimum of water
  9. take 28 days to form a good habit
  10. work on loving myself
  11. wear my lace up shoes for work hours & any evenings I have a to-do list
  12. menu plan-some weeks are better than others
  13. take the trash out before it stinks-full or not (believe it or not this was a toughy for me, hated to throw out a half full trash bag)
  14. shop w/a purpose- if I don't have an immediate plan for it, it doesn't get bought-on sale or not
what rules do you live by?
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