Monday, May 18, 2015

comedy of errors

Every have one of those days that nothing seems to go right? Saturday was that day for my husband, Tim.  I can chuckle because it was all of our own making & things I didn't stress over but each one added a new level of tension for him..

It started when he called me that he needed the tire & jack brought to him from the driveway, so I loaded up & headed out.
First, he had blown out a front tire on the work car while heading home on the interstate, luckily he limped it to the next exit 2 miles down, so he wasn't changing in on the side of the road! He had the wrong size tires on the front-the other size was recently changed because wires were showing, there was front end work needed & now this. hopefully they will all be the right size from now on!

Then when we got home, he read the letter from the city warning us to mow the other property or pay a fine an obnoxious hourly rate for them to hire it done. He had been putting it off trying to decide how to fix the mower we own for that property.

THEN, after whining that I was making him attend a graduation reception & finally getting on the road 30 minutes later than HE had appointed our schedule, he missed the exit on the interstate having to go another 4 miles to get turned around.  I am not sure how he missed it other than he drives by it twice a day 6 days a week & its not a normal turn for him to make & I am sure he was distracted thinking about getting the mowing done.  

So, that was our Saturday's comedy of errors of sorts.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo 5 on Friday

Saturday I volunteered for the Iowa Food Coop during Osceola's Spring Fling event.

All week, we've had construction vehicles across the street at the neighbors' so this is how they've spent the majority of their mornings.

Sunday, I picked up fresh chickens, so one went right into the crockpot on Monday. Tuesday, this was the stock I drained out, YUMMMM! Wednesday's had less of a fat cap so its in the freezer.

Tuesday evening I jammed my toe on the dog gate in the hall. Reminded me why I always wear shoes. 

We upgraded Kora to a nice cone since she seems to need one at the constant right now.  hopefully now that we own a nice one, Murphy will take over & we won't need it again.  It does fit both dogs though, so that should take care of both via Murphy. 

How was your week? 

Friday, April 3, 2015

5 on Friday (scrapbooking)

Scrapbooking is a great combo of record keeping, lesson learning & being crafty to me.  I have 2 pages to share today that some scrappers might not have deemed scrap-able for their books, but in mine, they were important to get on paper and I am so thankful to have had the presence of mind to get photos.  The 5 lessons I gathered from the photos, the events around the photos and getting them scrapped are kind of a surprise to me, 

The first page is about the day that I prepped corn for freezing for the first time with my grandma. I am much more comfortable doing something the first time, with an experienced leader in the kitchen & Grandma is that.  Grandpa picked us up some big bags of corn on the cob from a friend that frequents the nearby Amish produce auction, I wish I could remember how many dozen came in the bag & how many bags we did.  I know I had corn in my freezer for over a year!  Not only was I rewarded with the corn but the bonding experience & stories I heard while spending this day with Grandma, were absolutely priceless. I am so glad I got photos of the day, so I could put it in my scrapbook forever.  I used some really old supplies on this one that a few years ago I would never have put on it, daisies on a page about corn? Those paper dolls don't resemble us at all, they can't go there.  But the blue & yellow combo was perfect for the corn pictures, so I just made myself do it & I love the results! 
So the 2 lessons I learned in this page were; (1) to be mindful of getting photos of 'uneventful' events along with the eventful ones, I never know what I might want to document later or have a terrific story to accompany them. (2) figure out a color scheme & try anything that coordinates even if it IS flowers for a corn page.  

The second one today is going to be it's accompanying page, conveniently also about produce from the same year. To me, that made sense to put them in the book together even though they happened months apart. This is a couple of phone pics that I snapped to share on Facebook and with my mom as I was baffled by what I was going to do with all of these tomatoes in varying stages of ripening yet, picked all at once. This is how I spent one morning before our first serious frost threat of the fall.  I learned how to let go of the perfectionism of following a recipe to can every time & just canned some stewed tomatoes to get these all processed before they spoiled.  I let go of some perfectionism while creating the page as well.  Nothing matches perfectly like I prefer to have, but it all coordinated close enough to work to tell the story of this harvest.  

So, the lessons I took from this were: (3) print the phone pictures along with the ones from the big camera. I might be surprised what will seem important later.  (4) lessons of life are important to document, it lets us point out, remember & teach others that we are human & how we overcame some imperfection.  (5) not every page needs to be a masterpiece (thank goodness!!) to be meaningful, I need to quit fighting them so much :) 

Where were you surprised to find life lessons this week? Do you find lessons in surprising places? I seem to find them when I am not looking for them. Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2012 wedding (scrap pages)

Scrapping wedding photos has always been touchy for me.  Will I be able to do them justice, will I ruin one getting it ready, will I regret gluing them down? With the digital age, I am totally getting over all but the first one.  I guess with the streak I have been on lately, I am pretty much even getting over the first one too.  Another photo heavy post ahead!

This page totally fell together with the 'leftovers' from the other pages.  I loooooooved this photo from their photographer but didn't get it worked in anywhere else, I knew I wanted to use their wedding ceremony programs and there was this extra napkin. They all looked great on that black dictionary type paper and there was that strip of camo fabric laying on my desk from Tim's Christmas gift 2013 that went perfect with their theme so the opening page was created last but its one of my faves!

The rehearsal night, not a lot to document but document I did.  the photo of the couple & minister flips up to reveal a photo of the shredded beef we served with the journaling the photo and the details of the rehearsal evening attached to the page.

I had a LOT of prep photos as I had been invited to hang out with them for the morning, but I narrowed it down to these 6 to make a giant collage for the page.  I love the outcome. 

some more pre-ceremony pics I took & scrapped before I thought to print some from the photographer's disc.

 Photographer's photos on the left, mine on the right. I needed to scrap each of these but they didn't all need their own page, so frustrated at the end of a session I threw them in a pile on that dark brown paper. The next session, I found them all there & really liked them all together on it & a page was created.

Photographer's photos.  I shared a progress photo of this page a few posts back.  I am still extremely proud of this one. 

 Photographer's photos. I created the collage in the middle in Picasa.

 Photographer's photos of the Ceremony.
 Photographer's photos.  Family photos with lots of decorating.

 My photos on the left, Photographer's photo on the right.
These photos are the same page, one is with the flip flap in the close position the other is with it open. (click to enlarge)

Photographer's photos, another collage created in Picasa.

  My photos. My second fave page of this chapter! 

  Photographer's photos as the wedding party entered the reception hall.  They have an amazing group of friends that step up when they are needed & offer the shirts off their backs. Absolutely heartwarming to witness this group of 'kids' become adults. 

 my photos.  Their first dance as husband & wife & their last dance of the evening.
The page on the left is glittered paper *gasp* I can't say I never use glitter now, but most of it is covered, holding it together. the one of the right is another fave! the background paper, the acrylic overlay w/the bead stickers on top. super simple, yet elegant.

And that my friends, is my little brother's wedding chapter.  After that, I completed a Labor Day Weekend chapter but not sure I will share all of them or if I will just highlight my faves.  What do you think? want to see all 6-10 pages or just a couple? None of them are photographed at this point so whatever you want will be done.  :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

productive weekend (scrap pages)

So while Tim was on his annual hunting trip with his buddies last week, I took over the dining table & completed the mini book that now holds all of the details from my surprise birthday party last month.  Superly excited to share those pages here & now!  Warning: very photo heavy!

the cat trying to get some attention Sunday afternoon. Evidently, he felt I had spent ample time with my supplies at the table. ha.

closing in on the final pages, the mess always seems to grow throughout the process for me. 

 COMPLETED BOOK (I did take the unused white pages from the back of the book to use in another later) 

 After standing to scrap Thursday & Friday evenings, then spending the morning & early afternoon walking around the city with my sister in law, I was in no shape to stand all of Saturday evening, so I snagged this stool from the kitchen & it was the perfect height to have a bird's eye view of my work as well as see the TV in the living room where I had Hallmark movies playing. :)

 Tim texted that they were in Kansas City (about an hour & half away) just as I was finishing my second project of the weekend, so I immediately started the sorting, packing, carrying & putting away in my scraproom.  No room for piles back there, so I had to put it away as I carried it back, which is a good thing, now its ready for another project. Here is the cleaned off table. 

 This is the front page of the book that doubled as a guest page, I just added the sparkly sticky ribbon & the light up badge that I wore at the party.

 More signatures on the backside, a photos of the big table that was decorated with a poster of facts from 1975 (more on those later), a baby pic, our 15 year anniversary pic, Scrap Pink memorabilia, County fair queen key chain pic, Pizza Hut name tags & some dollar bills folded into bow ties from a customer when I worked at the truck stop around 1993. the confetti on the page was on the table, the hound's tooth bag came from a friend in some hand me down supplies.

 photos of me before and as I figured it out :) 

and all suited up, hat, glasses, & light up pin.

as I walked through the door greeted by guests. Supplies are Cricut cuts, Pretty Little Studio tab, flair & journal card, CTMH flowers & old brad.

as I worked my way around the room greeting my guests.  Supplies are Cricut cuts, Elle's Studio journal card, CTMH flowers & old brads from my stash.

the guest book & gift table. 

 I really wanted to use the balloons some how & finally just decided to cut the messages off & tape them together to make a page. Easy peasy! Helium remnants after a month were still present & instantly settled in making my lungs feel full & heavy upon cutting into the balloons, that was a surprise to me. 

those facts from 1975 she printed, she pulled off the poster board & gave to me. I wanted to use them but not make it a series of fact heavy pages so I figured out how to make them into double sided flipping pages~ WIN! 

 Lots of Cricut cuts, old supplies & paper, along with a few things I bought specifically for this album.  So happy to have this project completed so shortly after the event itself!

Next project to post, the completed 2012 wedding chapter of my brother & sister in law.