Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Where I run(walk)

linking up with Jaime over at her blog talking about running in different places.

I haven't run in ages, but I have been walking in spurts.  I am really good for a couple of months & then I take a couple off, but currently, I am being semi-consistent! Here's this year's summary in photos:
  accountability treadmill photo from April.

 over Memorial Day Weekend, we found a few trails in the are of the cabin we rented to take the dogs for walks.  This is one of them They were a heck of a lot nicer than any walking trails we have around home.

 On most of our Field Trip Fridays we play at a park with a trail & the kids are always happy to go on a trail.
 for the past few weeks, I have been meeting my friend Melissa for some more early morning lap walking around our high school.  We both graduated from it & marvel about the changes that have been made to the building, as well as sharing stories of our times in it.  We get to see the sun rise every day we walk. I think its especially beautiful as it comes over the near by grain elevator.  We have also met up with a family of skunks and a couple of doe on our early  morning treks, as well as sharing 'good morning's with other fellow walkers or bikers that use the loop around the school in their personal routes.

thanks for this idea Jaime! I didn't think I had anything to report, but here you go :)

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