Thursday, June 11, 2015

Field trip #2

our local county museum. Wednesday June 10th.

I had no idea what to expect but WOWZERS! I couldn't believe the amount of stuff they have packed into that morton building!! There are no pictures from there because the trolley was late picking the kids up & I had to get another from his house on my way with the van & then unload 4 from the van while waiting on the trolley-hoping it really did make it to them, so the camera was forgotten in the van. but when we went from the building to the old school house then the log cabin, I grabbed it. To only take 3 photos LOL  oh well, such is life, the kids had fun, I have a fabulous friend that did a wonderful job pointing things out to the kids & making them think about the changes that have taken place.
 old bridge planks + old telephone poles = walking bridge to connect the 2 sides of the property, not very maneuverable by the stroller
 them checking out the bug collections in the old school house. BIG thanks to Stacey for making them think!!
the morton building that houses a ton of stuff!! 
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