Monday, June 8, 2015

Field Trip #1

On Friday, we had our first official field trip of summer! I say official because I sent 4 of them on the trolley on Wednesday to visit Dan Wardell from IPTV at our local library for a couple of hours yet, I kept the majority of the littler ones home.  So, today we had a mini boot camp at a local gym. AWESOME!!! the owner/instructor did AMAZINGLY with my group! they loved it & the boys want to go back & do a harder one :)  From there they walked across the street to a path that leads to the nearest city park  & I drove the van w/3 littles, picnic & other miscellany supplies, around the corner & into the park.  We had just finished unloading when the bigs arrived. TA DA! looooved it! they loved the independence while I appreciated that I could trust them to do what they needed to to get where they were supposed to be, so I could get the rest of supplies there as well. We then played & picnic'ed until 12:30, when the trolley arrived to return them.  

looking forward to the county museum tour on Wednesday & then an entire day on Friday of a different park! 
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