Friday, September 4, 2015

More Scrappiness...

picking up where I left off ... MARCH:
still incomplete for journaling

 the end of the month of March, Tim's hog hunt with the journaling this time.

 this is the flip flap I had just inserted the photo into in the last post, here is complete, side a.
 flip flap, side b.
 April opening page photos from around the yard-signs of spring, getting a new clothesline & taking Sam for a haircut &along for my morning errands. a concert 12x12 page

 page 1 of a birthday chapter (12x12) pocket page 1 of 2 of the same birthday chapter.

 pocket page 2. 12x12 closing page of the birthday chapter The nieces' gym night performance

 gym night with the flap open (12x12+flap)

  a scrappy weekend in January 12x12 will go in the January chapter when the book is assembled.

I have April complete & May started, but I think I will save those for the next post.
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