Friday, August 5, 2016


I know it's been 6ish months since I checked in, so here are a few things happening around here: 
PACKING & PREPARING | for the weekend of camping. It is finally cooling off a bit for fall & I am looking forward to sleeping with the camper windows open soon. 
UNPACKING |   Mentally unpacking about quitting childcare.  Many of the parents & I had the talk yesterday about the official quit date vs the possible sooner date & that if they find something good before either, to go b/c good childcare spots are sometimes hard to find in town. 
LISTENING | to a wide assortment of podcasts- Young House Love, Criminal, & What Should I Read Next? depending on what's going on around me.
WATCHING | lots & lots of scrapbooking YouTube videos any chance I get.
PURCHASING |  Pampered Chef bits & pieces for the camper, photos from Shutterfly to keep my 2016 current + 2013 folders to get it going this fall. Oh & LuLaRoe! cannot forget my current obsession with LLR clothes! 
READING |     This summer hasn't been as productive as last, but I have still made it through several books.  Currently, reading "My Grandmother asked me to tell you she's Sorry" in paper & about to start "Lost & Found in Cedar Cove" on my new-to-me kindle. 
LOADING & UNLOADING |  the camper is totally worth the effort it takes to get everything cleaned up & ready for the next trip!
GIVING THANKS |  for the life we have. We persevered when I wanted to give up on the house refinance, we paid off the truck & 2 credit cards all with in 45 days of each other. We are now putting good money into savings for the next phase of our lives with me getting ready to work out of the house, needing a different vehicle, & prepping to move to the country. And good coffee on the daily.
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