Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

after reading Brooke's thankful post here I realized, its been a while since I have blogged one myself!

  • My Husband-who works in the heat, cold, & everything in between to bring home a paycheck & provide.  He's also very slowly coming around to my way of thinking on the organic, local, green way of thinking.  You know, he had to resist for a little bit ;)  He's also keeping me in line frugally on those days that I am dying for a shopping spree or want to over-stock the kitchens.  He may not get it done in 'my timeline' but it does always get done! Thankful for him!

  • My Faith-in that I have learned not everything happens in our 'timeline' (ongoing lesson see above), that not everything we want is for the best so it might not happen, that we are not truely in charge of our lifes.  Tough lessons to learn but life is so much less stressful when we just let Him have the full reigns & not fight it all so much. Thankful for Him!

  • My Neices & Nephews-in that I have learned to LOVE like I never thought I'd be able to.  They are my hearts, but I just did a whole post about part of them so I won't bore you w/more details of them. Thankful for them!

  • My Childcare Families-that they bring their children to me to help mold & raise into responsible, caring, & productive adults.  That they allow me to work from home, make enough to help provide the life we love & I get to enjoy my job.  Thankful for them

Thanks for the boost Brooke!
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