Tuesday, June 28, 2011

childcare summer catch up

Welcome to those of you visiting from the Motherboard!!  I am truely honored to have been asked by Ashley for a quote for her article!! 

we have been so busy again this summer! :)  I was blessed w/another provider making the initial contacts this spring for all of our summer friday outtings! she would text or facebook me w/a list or new addition to the list periodically.  All I had to do was call & confirm & set dates & times! SUPER EASY! LOVED IT. 

Last summer we went somewhere every single Friday & to a park to just play & picnic on another day almost every week. here's some proof, & here, here, here, & here.

so far this year we've made a couple of visits, first the post office welcomed us.

 and then Pam & Heather welcomed us to Pizza Hut & even let us make our own personal pans! yummmmmy snack!!!

  A few days later I learned that the theater was having a morning viewing of Kung Fu Panda 2.  So we went to that on a Wednesday morning.

 That Friday was our scheduled Farmer's Market lesson! this is one of my favorites both summers! maybe b/c the presentor really puts on her teacher hat & does such a super job!! Thanks again Stacey!!

from there, we went to decorate the front porch of the home of a returning soldier. We talked lots & lots about how long he's been gone from his mom & dad, what he was doing (teaching the Afgan people to farm)  & that we are able to make choices thanks to others like him.

So far, that's what we've been up to this summer!  We get to go to another provider's home this Friday for a carnival themed backyard party,then next week is the Ambulance & police car tour, then the firestation (which is always a big hit).

UNFORTUNATELY, it has rained so much this summer that we've either been stuck inside from the rain or have to skip the park b/c its not dried out from the last storm.. hoping that turns around soon so we can get back out there!!

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