Friday, July 30, 2010


BIG HUGE GIANT HUGS!!! SO HAPPY TO HAVE FRIDAY HERE! I am exhausted from this week!! the full moon really reaked havok on my restful sleep! boo!! go away full moon :)

Yesterday, we went to a city park (w/restrooms that leave alot to be desired) & played for 2 solid hours w/100 photos to show for it!!! :) we then ate our picnic lunch an hour early & went to a smaller city park until someone had an accident & then headed for home. nap time for all!!! well, all of them anyway, I just enjoyed the silence :)

today we are walking to the train depot & then coming back for some sprinkler play!!! :) YAY!!!!!  we had such a blast yday that I wish we could do it every day. 

this weekend @ home will be a busy one!! tonight- w5d2 run, Eclipse w/the girls, tomorrow-banking, farmer's market, scrapping 8am-6pm, dinner & movies w/Tim, Sunday- we have a milelong list of options! hopefully sleeping past 7 starts that list :)  Whats on your weekend agenda??
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