Monday, August 2, 2010

A girl's weekend & my mouth

sorta. :)  Friday night was a group of us going to see Eclipse @ our local lil theater. SO FUN!!! Great Movie! cannot wait for Nov' 11 for Breaking Dawn to start!! :)  I haven't done a girls' movie night. EVER. definately something we agreed, we want to do more often!! After the movie we hit 2 bars.. coulda done w/o that part but it was still time w/the girls.

Saturday was an all day crop! I was afraid I'd not get my groove back after a 3 month hiatus but OH MAMA!! I pumped out all 11 pages of our 2004 4th of July!!! All between 10 & 5! GET OUT! I had to leave an hour early b/c I was out of pictures. That NEVER happens to me! lol  I had a great time catching up w/Steph, we haven't hungout since the PTCO crop in March & visiting w/some other girls I've not had the chance to get to know. we got a terrific binder & I won 3 door prizes!!! Over all, it was a GREAT TIME!!!

Sunday I was lazy! L.A.Z.Y. I hadn't eaten anything worthy in a couple of days & my energy level was an all time low. I didn't even care!!! I watched Burn Notice on the dvr :) then napped, then we watched The Bounty Hunter after Tim mowed the Ayers Property. GREAT MOVIE! I laughed so hard!!  OH & we watched the Christopher Titus stand up routine 'love is evol' Saturday night LOOOOVED IT!! but I loved his sitcom shows too.

on a good note- I did make myself get on the treadmill last night to get c25k w5d2 done! I was so close to blowing it off, putting it off until tonight, then doing day 3 on Wed, but that would put my 'training' off of my original schedule & I just hated that thought.  I am already fearful of not making the whole 5k in running/jogging mode, and having to walk the majority is so not in my 'plan'.  I have gotten so many others talked into joining me, that now I feel I have to be at my best (for the time) since they will be there. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut & done the first one alone. hmmm a lil late now.  Tho I am pretty sure I know how.  The Keeping my mouth shut part.  When I get excited about something -scrapping, running, c25k, sisterhood, drinking water, child development studies, camping, boating, canning, eating whole foods, bulk shopping, etsy, farmer's markets, etc- I share all that I know to anyone who will listen. :)

OH, speaking of the sisterhood, there is a new challenge going on!!  Down & Dirty in 30!!  This is my first team challenge @ the 'hood & I have to admit I am more than a bit intimidated! Plus, I heard the word SHRED *gulp* I am not sure I am ready to shred while doing the c25k program. I might have to bow out of the shred & do my 10 minute target sessions from  netflix to keep from killing myself in the next 30 days, yet not let my team down.

so there you have my past weekend & plans for the week.. its now taken me 3 times of sitting to get it all typed up .. ah Monday!  some are cranky, some are tired & some are just unhappy about the rain that's coming down out side preventing us from BEING out there. time to get the play dough out!! :)   I think I'll bake some banana muffins too.  Hope you have a GREAT week!!!
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