Friday, July 2, 2010

busy couple of days.

I love busy days! they really make me appreciate the quiet ones :) 

yesterday for child care we:
  • went to story hour @ the library
  • painted red & blue on coloring pages of the american flag-original I know!
  • went for a mile walk
  • made & ate applesauce oatmeal muffins
  • played outside
  • ate 3 pop ice a piece!! if anyone knows how to easily make these @home PLEASE let me know!
after work I:
  • took the dogs on their .5 miler
  • did week 1 day 2 of the c25k program
  • found -THANKS JO!- & put on my mp3 player, the podcast that tells me when to switch pace so I can take it outside!
  • cleaned the upstairs kitchen
  • did laundry-4 loads
  • started thinking about the pasta salads I will make for family dinners this weekend
  • finished decorating for the 4th --hmmm nice & last minute :)
Today for childcare we:
  • went to a mini carnival a provider had in her yard for us-FUN
  • sent a sickie home w/a fever :(
  • had leftovers/crazy lunch
  • picked up the toyroom
  • will be closed @ 4 today-- unplanned-who doesn't like an unplanned early day out???
2 parties, 2 family dinners, a parade, a house to pick up, & 2 yards to mow. looks like it might be a busy weekend too :)  This is my favorite holiday! How do you plan to spend your 4th of July weekend?

a blessed weekend to you & yours from me & mine!
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