Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a week...

WOW its been a week since my last post. doesn't seem possible!!

Last week I wasn't ready for school to start, but start it did & they kids are looooooooooving it!!  they got out an hour early  the past 2 days & today is their first full day.  I am finally adjusting to just having the littles & itty bitties here. it is definately a bit quieter & less rowdy ;)   I was also a bit worried about the financials of the bigs going to school & my income dropping $50/week per child but wasn't letting myself obsess about it. Just mentioned it a few times to different people & He has provided!!! A family I had before has decided to come back, they will only be here 2 or 3 days a week, I have my regular Wednesday morning girlie & then a long time family (turned friends) of 3 will be here one day this week. LIFE IS GOOD!!  SOmetimes Usually, the best things happen when we just let go & let them happen in His time! A long time ago I read someone's philosophy on child care families coming & going in their care. I soon adopted it. she said, " the best lesson I learned was that not all children will come here or stay if they do come.  However, I will get those that need me most or that I need to learn something from."  OH has this rang, rung?, true in my life!!  so many of my child care moms are my friends.  Many times I have had single dads in my care that were patient & willing enough to want to take my advice & help.  & the kids.. well.. the kids are my job :)

Wow I had no intention of making that my topic but I guess it is today!!  LOL
I will save the sewing, canning, stockpiling, baking, cooking, blogging for other days!!  :) now to finish w/some photos to keep this post from being too boring.

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