Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

THE LAST WEDNESDAY OF SUMMER VACATION! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK... I am really not ready for school to start :(  no real reason:
  1.  just not quite ready for the shift in gears-tho its all good
  2. don't feel like we did enough this summer-even tho we left the house almost every single Friday & some week days, saw 3 movies @ the theater & did library 2x each week for 5 weeks
  3. don't feel like we had enough outside time-tho we walked 3 mornings most weeks, went thru 3 gallons of bubbles, 4 boxes of sidewalk chalk, ran the sprinkler 4x most weeks & all have tan lines to show we were out there
  4. didn't send home a single craft project all summer long
  5. only had the paints out 2x
  6. playdough was out several times-usually during lunch prep on rainy or post rainy=muddy days
  7. there was no reading or quiet game playing under the tree *sigh*
  8. no playhouses set up w/dishes
how sad!!! & this is only the childcare summer fail list!!! :(  my personal one is way worse LOL
ok off my sob story & on to the positives of the start of school:
  1. new grades, new teachers, new routine
  2. only littles in house 7:45am-3:15pm
  3. almost guaranteed quiet time daily
  4. grocery bill goes down-the littles eat a lot less than the bigs
  5. more house work can get done -more time inside
  6. more paperwork can get done - more time inside
  7. the bigs are happy to see the littles after school -  absence makes the heart grow fonder
  8. preschool starts the following week!!!!!!!
  9. a new family starts here next week
ok so they pretty much balance each other out & shoudl quit my whining b/c its here whether I want it tobe or not! :)

what did you accomplish this summer (or not)?
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