Sunday, July 31, 2011

Menu Plan Sunday

it being summer & having varying children & activities on different days, I did allow myself some freedom from the menu last week but it was OH SO helpful to have it made up so here I go again only a lot less detailed:

Breakfasts: homemade pancakes, french toast, granola, oatmeal, all w/fruit or fried potatoes & milk
Lunches: browned ground beef, chicken, homemade corndog muffins, quesadillas+ veggie tray, fruit plate, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes+homemade mac n cheese, random pasta, homemade bread & always w/milk
Snacks: quesadillas, parfaits, cottage cheese+fruit, homemade bread/muffins
Suppers: breakfast (bacon, pancakes, eggs), hamburgers on grill, steaks from freezer to grill, chicken on grill + fried potatoes, veggies, corn on cob, homemade mac n cheese, mashed potatoes

what's on your menu this week?
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