Saturday, July 23, 2011

How does your Garden Grow?

sick of my updates yet? I was giddy getting out & seeing the growth this week & documented it again in photos. (again)
English Ivy:
Astilbe (I think)  that I bought @ the Downtown Farmer's Market in May

the zuchinni & pumpkin(?) seeds we planted inside the cinder block have gone from this:                                                       to this:
to This today:

this crazy mystery plant sure is happy! even in the middle of all that grass!
2)                                                      3)                                                      1)

the tomatos have finally turned colors!

 the zinnias I didn't think would make it after the flooding they endured!
 a mystery vine pretty-ing up the corner!
another tomato plant w/babies! need to dig in & read the name stake

 multi colored pepper blooming! pretty purple blooms! can't wait to see what color the peppers are!

same basic angle in order

 LOOK how the cucumber has taken off!! 
this surprise lil baby in that monster vine in the middle of the yard, any guesses? pumpkin? watermelon?
the peek-a-boo mystery vining plants
 from this <~~~ to this ~~~~>>

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