Sunday, July 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday (on Sunday)

a couple of notes about my menu:
*B, L &Snack are childcare meals that I usually eat too. *the photo @right is of this Saturday's Farmer's Market goods (detailed blog later). *fried green beans= a bit of bacon grease in cast iron skillet, green beans & granulated garlic fried together until tenderness of choice

B:granola+milk + choice of blueberries, bananas, strawberries
L: browned ground beef, fresh peaches, fried fresh green beans, pasta
Snack:homemade cheese its (also use oven heat to bake more granola) + 100% juice popsicles
S: leftover smoked pork loin, fried fresh green beans, corn on the cob, farmer's market dill bread

B: homemade pancakes+homemade mulberry syrup, applesauce
L: homemade corndog muffins, farmer's market veggie tray (cucumbers+carrots+green peppers), homemade ranch dip, strawberries (also use oven heat to bake bread)
Snack: build your own parfaits: yogurt+granola+choice of fruit
S:leftover smoked tbones, farmer's market dill bread,  farmer's market veggie tray

B: cheesey quesadillas, fried farmer's market potatoes
L:homemade chicken nuggets, homemade mac n cheese (from freezer stash), corn on the cob, fried farmer's market zucchini
Snack: leftover corndog muffins, 100% juice popsicles
S: leftover biscuits & gravy

B: french toast+homemade mulberry syrup, bananas
L: leftover ground beef+pasta+mozerella cheeze bake, farmer's market veggie tray, fried farmer's market potatoes (use oven heat to bake bread)
Snack: build your own fruit burrito (blueberries, strawberries, peaches, bananas + yogurt + tortilla)
S: taco salad

B: build your own breakfast burrito (tortilla+eggs+salsa/ketchup/ranch+bacon+shredded cheese+fried farmer's market potatoes)
L: bean/beef/cheese quesadillas, farmer's market veggie tray, homemade ranch dip, any fruit left
Snack: either ice cream cones or 100% juice popsicles & homemade bread w/homemade mulberry syrup

WOW! Feels good to have it down! what's on your menu for the week??
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