Friday, July 15, 2011

another weekend..

at the lake....
*sometimes we start the day w/a beer (in each hand) & a smoke

*sometimes we take naps on the boat

*sometimes we teach the kids the tricks to fire building

*sometimes we don't realize when its time for bed

*sometimes we catch them being good

*sometimes we let the kids play crazy... 2 or 4 legged ones

*sometimes we find 'an app for that'

*sometimes we snuggle the little ones

*sometimes we laugh until we almost wet ourselves watching the puppies play

*sometimes we hang out in the water-where its usually much cooler than on the boats

*sometimes we just hang out on our boats

*sometimes we have a display of diving abilities

*sometimes we learn new things

*sometimes we dream about spending long periods of time on this<~~~~~~ looking at that~~~~>>>>>

 *sometimes we stop here <~~~~~~~for this ~~~~~~> on the way home.

*but we always love our corner of the campground!
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