Monday, July 18, 2011


it became clearer to me last week w/each passing day that Summer is 1/2 over :(( I am so not ready for the cold that comes soon after Summer leaves .  BOO!!!  The countdown has begun, the countdown to be sure we suck every bit of goodie out of what is left of Summer!
  1. 3 more camping trips
  2. at least 4 more boating trips
  3. country fair, state fair trips
  4. homemade ice cream at childcare & the park
  5. 4 more Friday Field Trips
  6. lots more mornings & afternoons in the yard
  7. more picnics in the yard
  8. more evenings spent on the deck
  9. more trips to the local parks for play & picnic
  10. more early morning runs
  11. more garden-learning
  12. more weekend mornings on the deck
  13. less time inside
  14. less computer time
  15. more blocking out the upcoming holidays
  16. more ignoring of impending school starting
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