Tuesday, July 19, 2011

race review

Saturday was the 2nd annual Watermelon Days 5k (we thought it was their first). It was my first time on a golf course. I am not a fan. I like the view to change, not to be able to see JUST how many more turns I have ahead of me, & to not see just to much further ahead the fast kids are getting. but it was a nice, fun, small race & I got my first bling! so its all good!  ;)

here we are before, Me, Melissa & Jamie.  I had no idea they were wearing red, just decided to sport my Team Beef shirt.

a shot of the Garmin on the way, since it has been YEARS since I have gone to Humeston.
 Oh my, I am seeing the country side through new eyes it seems this year! I am loving & ewwwwing & awing over every sunset, every sunrise, every foggy morning, the fresh baled hay in the field, the tassled corn, what a beautiful party of the country I get to live in!!!   These photos aren't great but they are the best I could do on a gravel road in the driver's seat unsure of my exact time to destination (Garmin could only get me so close) so I didn't dare stop for even a second to get a good still shot ;)
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