Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OH how I love them!

I am blessed to have brothers that have children! & doubly blessed that they invite me every year to their Vacation Bible School program.  This is such a feel-good event for me! I always walk out w/sore cheeks & have blotted my eyes more than once from laughing so hard I cried.  This year's program was last Friday evening.
This is a pretty cool picture they had displaying of all of their children in this year's program.  They go to a small country church where everyone KNOWS everyone.

This is M. the eldest of both families. She & I share alot of similarities: eldest of 3, 2 younger brothers, brown hair, brown eyes, a lil on the dramatic side ;) but passionate almost to a fault.  When we want something, don't try to stand in our way.

This is R. He's the youngest of the 3. A true stinker, a busy body, always trying to 'keep up' w/the older 2, but a sweet heart & OH so funny!!  He's the first to come running when I enter the room & I better be ready b/c I am getting a big hug from him immediately.  He will stop what he's doing to dish out hugs but don't ask him to snuggle for more than a couple of seconds, gotta be on the go.

This is Big-O. the typical middle child. quiet, watchful, peacemaker, sponge of the trio.  latest sponge example: I overheard him using one of their Bible lessons from the week in how it pertained to him "M isn't showing compassion. I want a balloon too" after the program.  He is my favorite story teller. He tells it as if its life & as if he's lived it. True old soul here folks.  His heart is in the farm & he won't mind telling you how many cows he had @ check in this morning or how they need to 'get going' from a family dinner so he can get those chores done before he goes to bed. ADORABLE!

I have been blessed w/5 (& another on the way) nieces & nephews from my brothers & I couldn't love them any more had I given birth to them myself.  I am viciously defensive of them yet expect nothing but the best out of them. 
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