Wednesday, November 12, 2014

December Daily 2014 plans

I am so looking forward to this year's December Daily. Maybe the fact that I finished last year's in a timely manner, helped.  I have approached this project in  many different ways over the years....

2013 is here,  here, with a peek at the mess here, more progress here, and completed here. it took me until March to complete it since I waited until January to order the photos so they were good quality as no matter how great a printer boasts it is at printing photos, I am never happy unless they come from a developer.

2012 is complete. This year it took me through February to complete partially since I had finished/fixed/added to the 2010 album.

2011-I skipped this year as it was the month we lost a family member.

2010 is here.  Since I had skipped 2011, I guess in 2012, I figured I had skipped 2010 as well, so I started a new album, and I forgot I had started the album pages until I got about half way through completing an entirely new one, then discovered the beginnings of the other album, so I worked them together.

2009 is the last year that I worked on it IN December (as the days pass, as its intended) here, here, after I had prepped the pages ahead here, & here,  I loved the idea of prepping pages ahead, however, I struggled to have the pictures to coordinate on the right pages, so I decided that even if it takes a little longer to get the album finished, I will do the pages to go with the photos.

2008 is here, complete.  looks like this was my first year & I am sure I followed the direction given & created the pages ahead then used my home printer to keep the photos + pages caught up daily. 

I made the albums for 08 &10, used Creative Memories albums for 09, 12 & 13, this year I am using this Crush Book & kit, a consultants designed & got through Close to my Heart.  I saw hers this weekend & its ADORABLE! It has a super fun mix of pocket pages, tabbed, vellum & card stock pages. as well as the little goodies to put on them, and room to add more pages if I need to! of course I cannot use JUST the kit it comes with, I had to get some UBER cute wood veneer pieces from evalicious, as well as having the bag & pizza box full of leftovers from years past at my fingertips, throughout the process.  I plan to put it all together over our Thanksgiving weekend away & have it ready to share here the following week. Then I plan to work the pages as the month goes on, while leaving space for the photos as I will order them from Shutterfly to be sure I  am happy with the quality & plan to finish it at or before the January crop.

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