Friday, March 1, 2013

December Daily-complete!

ahh I love the feeling of a completed project... a clean room, a chapter of photos scrapped, a completed mini album, a craft project on the wall, a recipe tried... whatever it may be, I love a completed project.  I am not so great on the follow thru on most things so I rarely get to see an end but the December Daily 2012 is COMPLETE!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

oh btw, this will be very photo heavy!! I still won't burden you w/the whole book since blogger is being a pain & won't let me shrink the second half of the photos...

here is the completed book from the bottom :) love a nice stack of pages.

31. New Year's Eve! (looks like we are working backwards through the month-hope you don't mind) Collage photo of the evening/flap over the journaling, CM(Creative Memories) Achievements paper background (think graduation) & some really old Eyelets.

29. more old eyelets, some even older money that was handed out at the Jackson family Christmas (I put in a plastic flip flap) that covers the journaling

 28. one of the lucky sledding trips
26 & 27. parts of Christmas Break in childcare... love those 3D candycane stickers!
25 (part 2). evening w/the Short Family.
25. (part 1) Horton family Christmas- mom's cricut made name tags, a card from a gift & a photo collage

24. Christmas eve, childcare ornament making during the day & our(Tim & I) gift exchange in the evening. yes I really did hand him the camera! an old tag w/letter stickers on the front & journaling on the back attached to the strap w/'rope' from one of my clothing tags, assorted tags from our gifts


18. Elementary Christmas program #2, this time I included the program, photo collage & single photo of the neices in it. got to use up some more old eyelets. 17.  The day my camera returned from the shop :)  & the first series of photos I took that I printed into a collage & hung one on the wall for the childcare & sent one home w/each of them their parents tell me they talk about it all the time. it really is the little things sometimes.


21.  out of order but I am tired of fighting w/blogspot so jsut going to go w/it :) LOVE these 'icicle letters' on this page! SNOW DAY= sledding!!!
13. our Christmas card we sent, a photo of the supplies needed.

14. our girls' shopping day, my annual starbucks cup wrapper & the photo collage. 11. I was absolutely giddy when I discovered this JOY chipboard in the donation pile after Scrap Pink! even more giddy when I realized it would fit on a page in here!  covered it w/December details but now wish I had left it plain :) you'll have that sometimes!!  the other side is just a photo & story of the shelf I use as a mantel.

6&7. no photo but used the note off the FFA fruit box & Kora became ours officially on the 7th. Loved using that line of buttons on the bottom.


opening page.  I like to use the calendar as the opening  or cover page for my DDs.  this JOY journaling page was great to help me kick of my check list of what I wanted to be sure to document.
I was horrible about getting some photos taken, I definitely was 'in' many of the moments therefore spaced off photographing them..
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