Monday, March 31, 2014

Done & Documented: March

I decided to document this month's pages with a series of collages, maybe it will be easier for you to view than individual photos with too much clutter around the edges & in the background. This page was so fun. its the first day of our Christmas Break. a collage photo of all the shots taken over the day by the various photographers in the house, a pretty satin ribbon behind, the star clip, the letter bottle caps, buttons, arrows, another hinge sticker & lots of cardstock stickers.

 here is a peek at our Christmas Day celebration.  We celebrated my side of the family on Christmas Day.  I was pretty pumped to finally use a cardboard CD case that had come in another kit but set unused on my desk.  I used it in the 2 right photos. (top shows it closed, bottom shows it opened) & then I have 2 pockets to put things in as I come across them later. the gift tags are creations of Mom's with her Cricut as she has done in the past few years.
 Here is the 3rd of 3 Christmas programs we attended this year.  Super simple, super sweet. then a great time playing w/the Arispe 3 (the way I often refer to my niece & nephews that live near Arispe)
love that music sheet paper with the love themed tags. The full pages are the square photos on the right. (I feel like I have shared this one...)
Here is the set pages for Christmas Eve, documenting our little gift exchange just between the 2 of us. 
He surprised me with a shot glass rack I have been drooling over at the Iowa State Fair for years.  I hadn't even unpacked my collecting when we moved in this house in 2007 for lack of space to appropriately display them. Not only did he get the shelf, had it personalized w/'Jackson Place' on the swinging doors at the top but he HUNG it that night! I had so much fun arranging my glasses around the shelves, so that the ones that came from certain people or trips were all together.  I got him some hunting gear from his list, all the journaling is inside the pocket on the right page.  Oh & I swapped out the white heart clip for a gold star clip after I had photographed it.

 Here is a pretty page using pink again.  I was determined at this point use up some supplies I have been hording.  the papers were actually 4" strips I pieced together then used the stickers to cover the seams, used up my blue buttons & then a lot of the pink stickers on 2 different sticker sheets. This was our pajama day that we made chocolate dipped cookie dough balls from pinterest & our annual applesauce + cinnamon ornaments.  Totally fun hands on day at childcare.  A few more pages & it was finished!!  check one project DONE!! :)

Then I got to work on Christmas #1 of 2 for 2009.  It just seemed logical to keep working on Christmas photos even though they are 4 years part. I am having a BLAST using up some bigger items I couldn't work into my December Daily.  This is the first time in a REALLY LONG time I have scrapped 12x12 Christmas pages. Below is a collage of cruddy phone pictures of the pages I have done so far. (all but the middle set on the left are matched as they will be in the book but the other 2 are not going across from each other)

I am so enjoying knowing that I 'have to report in' at the end of the month & I had better have something to report :)

you can see my January & February reports here.
Done and documented is series of monthly posts that highlights Jess's progress completing unfinished travel albums from years past. I will be following along by doing my December Daily 2013, then plan to finish 2009 (2 chapters) & start a new year. Feel free to play along! 
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