Tuesday, November 3, 2009

December Daily 13-20

simple frames where photos can be slid behind oe mounted on top

this is saturday so I included the little folded plastic sheet for up to 4 more pages. so far its paperclipped to the top of the page but can be mounted several different ways.

SIMPLE! cm paper & stickers

lots of weathering

using the 'greetings' on the number 16 as my prompt I plan to use these pages as my display of christmas cards we receive.

the plastic page is attached w/sticker hinges as another page or 2 if needed.

A library pocket for receipts, memorabilia, etc

the day after our shopping trip out I plan to spend @ home organizing everything therefore the cozy, etc words. for photos of just that.. being @ home.

There is what I was able to scan in today! the scanner is being tempermental this afternoon so I am not sure i willget the rest done but I have it complete! Dec1-Jan1! what a great feeling!! :) just can't wait to show you!!!

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