Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday True Confessions

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: this area sure has grown in 11 months!! Food wise I have fluctuated ALOT. yesterday was a good day!! 5 f/v, 2 dairy, 80oz of water, took my vites & the morning .5 mile run as my exercise.. today should be similar. About today....it is the full mile day of my challenge & I decided (as the alarm was going off @5) that I'd wait to do it after work, while Tim is finishing up supper tonight. Last night I got a nap in during that time so tonight I will have plenty of time to run the full mile & shower. Enough w/the Guilt already Kim! sheesh!
  • APPRECIATE: I APPRECIATE that I have a wonderful husband that shares in the house & cooks! I APPRECIATE our friends that like to get together all year long. I APPRECIATE that I have a full house of child care families.
  • I got on the scale today & am UP from before I started running.. what the heck????
  • I am bribing myself to run w/protein shake after each run but ONLY after each run :)
  • I feel tired & sluggish since I didn't run today. learning my lesson!
  • I need to vac the child care carpet today.
  • I am late sending off Scrap Pink things.
  • I am dreading sorting receipts for tax prep UGH!
  • I didn't do ANY-THING on my to do list last night!!
  • I finished my December Daily book!! I might even get it scanned in today.

I have some catch up to play this morning along w/some Wiggles to dance to :) Hope your day is productive as well as enjoyable! :)

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