Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello November!

Gorgeous First day of November yesterday!! almost 70 degrees! looking fwd to a sunshiney week!! :)

here are a few of our Trick or Treaters

And after the ToT'ing was over we set out to Justin & Misty's Halloween Party. FUN!!!
a lil Joe Dirt & his candy corn witch, us as Gangster & flapper girl, then a surprise visitor.

a little background on the surprise: I HATE MASKS that you can't see the person behind. FREAKS ME OUT! so when this couple walked in to Jane's I was on edge. THEN when they started messing directly w/Tim & I, I was totally flippin'. in the end we were happy to find out it was an old friend of Tim's, Jeff Frericks & his fiance.

  • thinking about taking halloween decor down this week!
  • I want to get some baking pumpkins to bake & freeze.
  • Jane's last night is tonight :( So sad to see her let it go! We will miss our quiet little bar.
  • I got up & ran today!! half mile again. baby steps.
  • oh & I ran on Saturday afternoon!
  • I was challenged to do a 3 day routine & I accepted but today it sounds daunting so I am not so sure.

Off to a quiet start this morning & the sun is Shining! it will be a GREAT DAY!!

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