Friday, October 30, 2009

3 in a row BA-BY!!!

THREE MORNINGS IN A ROW I HAVE DRUG MY SORRY BUTT OUT OF BED TO GET ON THE TREADMILL!!:) 3! IN A ROW!! that's amazing for ME!!! I have run .5 mile every morning! I get off feeling like I am goingto puke but HEY I am surviving!!! I have WAY more energy all day long & I think its fromthat burst of work in the morning. I was worried about working after working out but its not a problem :) very little soreness even! can you tell just HOW excited I am about this new adventure!?

I am a bit bummed this morning as I am missing a 5k next Saturday @ our State Fairgrounds :( I could totally walk it this year & try to run it next. *sigh* oh well. next year!

this weekend is going to be another busy one! major grocery shopping, dentist appt for Tim, costume pick up & return in DM, 2 lunches out on costume trips, my scheduled shelter time, costume party x2, 1y/o birthday party, answer the door for Trick or Treaters & maybe some naps. Pics on Monday!

for now, there's no school today so we are pulling out some special activities-play dough, painting, maybe big kid-only games for the table!! off to fix some thing fun & easy for breakfast!! have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!
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