Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Done & Documented: August

When I look at this in collage form, this makes me giddy! These are all the pages I completed in August! This also completes Labor Day 2009 AND THAT completes 2009!! I cannot say that about any other year. Scrapping is such a  funny hobby. I love to get chapters completed but don't ever want to be caught up! Being caught up would mean that I had nothing left to scrap & I don't ever want to feel like that. I do however feel comfortable that that will never be an issue for me :) 

I do plan to make some changes in how much I scrap for each chapter.  I have slowly come around to the idea of not needing to scrap every single printed picture & even find pleasure in handing off 'extras' to those either in the photos or someone else related that wants it for a project, scrapping or just to have a photo of them. :)   I never thought of storage of these many huge albums for each year NOR where they would go when I am gone since we don't have anyone to hand anything down to.  I like to think that the nieces & nephews might want the pages of their families as they are of them growing up at many family events & that if there is anyone left in our lake family that they or their kids might want those ... but those thoughts are getting pushed out as I am just going to continue to enjoy creating & to heck w/what's going on after I am gone ;) (thanks Tiffany & Tracie @ ScrapGals podcast for even making me think about it. :))  I am going to have to cut back on what is put into albums as there is no way we will ever have space to store 8 12x12 albums holding 45 sheets each, making them about 5" thick EACH. FOR.EACH.YEAR. lol SO, my plan is to try to cut it down to one lake album & 2 family albums for each year from here on out.... wish me luck ;) 

here are some of my faves from the month.

these first 2 are high on my list. I love that I was finally able to use this gorgeous fishy paper that I have had forever, that I was able to couple it with the plastic fish buttons I have also had forever and that I was able to document a great moment.  Those twine knots are also one of my favorite things I've done this month.

This pink & black page is pretty & I don't often pull off a pretty lake page.  I got to use the old calendar page, and new 'people' paper, washi tape & brads. So fun!!

This one was another one where I got to use some old stuff that's been laying around on my desk combined with some new goodies.  the chipboard arrows are dwindling down in my stash & I am sad about that (better pick up another pack soon) but I have what seems like an endless supply of flowers :) 

This is one of my simpler pages & I am glad I kept it that way.  This 8x10 is one of my favorites, I even considered framing it instead of scrapping it but as you can see, its scrapped! this is pink vellum on black cardstock w/a scrap strip of some tan French love in script on cream background slipped in for grounding. Thickers, cricut cuts & little letter stickers with a clock, ribbon & twine for the title corner, then under the smaller photos that are slipped int a flip flap is the tiny bit of journaling about how I love capturing a great reflecting sunset on the water.  Now, to get sleeves to get them into & then into albums! Then, on to a new year!

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Done and documented is series of monthly posts that highlights Jess's progress completing unfinished travel 
albums from years past. I will be following along by doing my December Daily 2013, then plan to finish 2009 (2 chapters) & start a new year. Feel free to play along.
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