Friday, December 31, 2010

thank you 2010 & hello 2011

I have a glorious list of things I can check off as DONE or atleast I followed my One Little Word for the year-DO- just DID alot of things I was questioning, worrying about, or just plain chicken to try :)  I posted a list in November & am still in shock of all the changes I made in ONE YEAR! :) pretty intense the effect One Little Word can have on a person!

I thought I'd pick Simplify for this year's OLW as I tend to over-obsess, over-detail, over-organize, over-communicate, over-everything, everything I do. :) Picking Simplify makes me wonder what I will cut, delete, ignore in my current life & will I miss it? I can't come up w/anything else that works, or feels right so I guess Simplify picked me.

Also, in 2011 I plan to:
  • keep running--I love that we've started a local running group! Go Eat Pray Run! We've already set up teams for 2 events this Spring! And want to host or co-host a 5k this year! eeeeeeek!
  • keep scrapping--I am too far in to quit now! I'd love to get on a design team, maybe my Simplified pages will catch someone's eye
  • keep blogging
  • join a local, real-live book club--this makes me so happy to even consider- its a grown up thing I never thought I'd get to do
  • sew--fix the cord that was a puppy casualty ;) & get busy!
  • live more frugally--I try not to burden others w/our financial views as that is one thing I don't think needs discussed out of the home, simply put, we are working to become closer to debt free this year
  • garden & compost more, can & freeze more, bake & cook from scratch more
  • sort, donate, pitch, recycle more
  • have more Girl's Nights Out
  • continue in my healthier lifestyle--fruits/veggies, dairy, water, running, chiro-work on Power of 1 list
  • get back to yoga
  • get better about deadlines, turning paperwork in before its due, being more repectful of another's time
  • get the childcare off of paper towels--alter &hang a rack for cloth towels
  • switch to homemade cleansers
  • find a balance to Simplify it all
What is your One Little Word for the year? What do you plan to accomplish in the new year?
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