Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Power of 1

New challenge! New Year! New Goals!
cruise on over to the 'hood & check it out!

the first challenge is posted already -imagine that, they r THAT good!- so here are my goals for the new year!
  • continue to grow our local running group of Eat, Pray, Run
  • participate in the Fight for Air climb in March w/our group
  • participate in the Healthy Iowa challenge w/our group
  • work w/our group & organize & hold a successful, official 5k
  • keep getting healthy-getting those veggies & dairy servings  & exercising daily
  • make eating healthy a priority & natural response instead of something I have to focus on
  • participate in 6 5Ks & maybe a 10k this year
  • be able to run those whole 5Ks w/o walking breaks
OK, I think those 8 are a good start!
Thanks to our local running group, I am out there running almost every night! we are up to running 2 miles & walking 3 in intervals And plan to change that up after the first of the year, extending our running intervals & shortening our walks.
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