Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas #2

After a quick nap & let Sammy run while I gathered things, we were off to Mom's for Christmas #2.  K helped me get the dip ready, & Grandma sliced cheese So I put  Bethany in charge of my camera :)

 before I knew it, I had plenty of help getting that dip stirred.
 the picture on the right makes me grin & cringe @ the same time! my back side(cringe), but 4 generations in the kitchen! (grin) 

 from here on out the photos are in random blogger-chosen order & I am not fighting it anylonger! :P

to the left, Jeff's family A.DOR.ABLE!
hOW STINKING cute are these 5?!  hehe

Philip's Family. SO. GREAT.

Tim & K sharing a book, rare sight but makes me melt!
Grandpa & Grandma- I *heart* them!!
K & I cheesing it up
THIS last photo. Makes Me SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!  My heart is SO full from THEM!!!
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