Monday, November 1, 2010


Already???/ Really??? sheesh! where has Twenty-Ten gone? 

I am feeling the need to make a list (big surprise I am sure ;)) of my accomplishments for the year:
  • I started running
  • I completed 2 races, a fun run & have a 3rd race on the calendar for this Sunday
  • I lost 15# (then gained 3 back)
  • I inspired a neighbor & another friend to try the c25k program
  • I got back into reading
  • I participated in 2 girls nights outs
  • I quit coffee in the spring, then started again when the weather cooled
  • I put up alot of fruits & veggies from the garden & farmer's market for winter
  • I have continued to get more positive outlook on everything, being more & more of a duck 'letting it all roll off my back' -even being dubbed (& accepting it) 'Miss Silverlining' :)
  • I successfully decorated (& Un-decorated in a timely manner) for each holiday
  • I organized & held weekly field trips for the local childcare providers this summer-we hope to expand it w/the Clarke county mom's group in Twenty-Eleven
  • I bought myfirst stainless water bottle-a Sigg- & proceeded to beat the tar out of it LOL
  • I found & stuck w/a chiro that listens, as well as believes the same things I do
  • I learned to sew, can & make freezer jams
  • I used facebook for constructive communication rather than whining, complaining & rumor spreading
  • I organized & pulled off 2 successful crops
  • I am still addicted to list making ;)
  • I am boycotting alot of store bought items, mixes, canned goods, high fructose corn syrup, soy, & toxic people/relationships
ok.. done ;)  What does your list for twenty-ten look like?
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