Friday, October 29, 2010

pretty pleased!

I found an email in my emailbox this morning that had this link to the race results in it(saving you fishing thru it all here are mine :))

over all place      class place      class                            time   pace time
  455                      127             W30  Kim Jackson,  42:24 12:24

makes for a happy Friday :)

along w/that, no school today, soooooo we plan to:

carve a pumpkin
bake another pumpkin
roast seeds
do candycorn/foamy craft
have another ghost craft for bigs during nap time
bake pumpkin cookies
cancel Gus' appointment :)

our weekend will be full of odds & ends: cpr class, work, carpet shampooing, trick or treaters, SAW 3D, along w/the normal weekend errands.  what are your halloween weekend plans???
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