Monday, January 3, 2011


I must report that this Simplified year is going well already!  I am letting go of unnecessary details, unnecessary stress, & unnecessary worries.  I am loving the Simplified way of thinking already!  I have reallly used it more than I thought in just 3 days.

 Scrapping-I am back to Simply getting them scrapped, not over doing the details, no putting thos unnecessary, unrelated items on the page just b/c they are pretty.

 Cooking-Simple foods. Getting further from the boxes & cans & using Simple foods to cook, bake & nurish the bodies I cook for.

 Clutter-OYE! I have been able to bless 3 other homes w/multiple items each from our home THIS WEEK! just things I had stored or on hand 'just in case' & never used them, so they are on to their next home.

 Dishes-Simply do it. Simply unload the dishwasher while waiting on something in the microwave or on the stove top, Simply reload the dishwasher when you take a dirty dish to the sink, Simply do it NOW.

 Laundry-This will take some time as I hope to par down my closet & drawers ALOT this year.  I am starting a stack for various artists to upcycle tshirts into various things, I thought I'd make a tshirt quilt but do we really need another blanket? I am getting rid of 3 this week that have been stored in totes for over a year... LOL I wear the same 5 top sets(I layer) to work in so why are there 10 in the drawer? Cross Ministries, I plan to make my first drop off  of the year, the morning of the 29th!

 Worries-I had a head start on this from my 'appreciate' year in 08 but I plan to continue & grow on this in '11.  I plan to make a point not to worry about things I cannot control, I can better use that energy to run, or clean or organize. Simply enjoy the here & now, or sit out a situation until it heals itself, as most do.  What will be will be.

 Running-Simply get out there & do it! Relax & Run. Enjoy the company, enjoy the energy, Simply live it. Quit worrying about what if the group falls apart, what if I let them down, what if there becomes drama.. not that I have worried, just fleeting thoughts.

 Cleaning-Simple homemade products are on my list to explore this year.

How are you coming along w/your OLW?
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