Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One little word

ahhhhh its that time again!! time to pick a word for the year. .. last year I used FOCUS to help me to try to quit w/the big picture all the time & be able to slow down some. be able to FOCUS on my love for the camera-being behind it of course lol- FOCUS on the joys of the new house- FOCUS on each season, each day, each quiet moment *sigh* it was a great start for me :) I printed the word+its definition & hung it in my then-scraproom & used the new cricut Tim had just gotten me for Christmas to cut the letters out & decorated them & hung them on the same wall in view of my desk. I even did a layout or 2 FOCUSing on my word!

this year I am picking APPRECIATE as my word. As much as I encourage others I struggle w/it myself at times. as cold as it is outside & chilly in the basement, I should remind myself to APPRECIATE the lower heating bill in this house vs. the old ($500/month LESS), as hectic as the lunch shift is here, I need to APPRECIATE all those little mouths I feed b/c they pay my bills & keep me in business, as much as I hate getting up early I need to APPRECIATE those families that respect me & my business enough to keep a good schedule & routine, as much as I complain about the 'old' technology I have and use daily I need to APPRECIATE the fact that I have IT, as unhappy as I am w/my body I need to APPRECIATE that it does fall w/in the 'normal' limits on those stupid charts *blah* I could go on but I won't.. maybe I'll save that for a day I have nothing else to post about... what I need to work on APPRECIATEing :)

So what's YOUR one little word??

(in setting up the links above I realized I have been keeping up this blog on this site for A YEAR! YAY!!!!)
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