Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

well our plans for this evening have crashed :( Tim is staying home in bed -hoping to move his chiro appt to today instead of waiting till Friday. either way it means we stay home as we are both huge believers in 'too sick to work too sick to play'. I am bummed but nothing I can do about it now.

so I banked 22 minutes into the wii fit last night :) my calves feel much better today LOL I also retook the wii fit body age test & it dropped from 39-26 since the 26th :) whohoooo not taking the wii age test for a while.. that result of 69 didNOT do a thing for my ego LOL I did unlock a new balance game-sheesh they get harder!!! and a new strength training but I can't do any of them yet.

officially our weekend is sticking close to home. I am not making any definate plans besides my chiro appt & a visit to the library.

have a save & happy New Year's celebration!!
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