Thursday, June 12, 2014

Whispering Breezes Cabins

For Memorial Day Weekend, I prefer to have a cabin reservation as the weather around here is very unpredictable.  It could be sunny & 70s or it could be rainy & 50s, the day vs night temps can vary a lot, making sleeping in the tent uncomfortable especially if its damp from previous rain. 2 people + 2 dogs hanging out in a tent during a rainy day is not any fun at all. So this year, we stayed at Whispering Breezes Cabins
Like most cabins at the lake, they are small & efficient, which we like so that we are near each other & both can monitor what the pups are doing when they are getting stir crazy.  We can watch TV, nap, read, scrap, cook, or nap really easily. These have a real log cabin feel to them & each of the 4 on the property has its own name & theme.  

This is one side of the living/dining/kitchen, through that door you see on the right is the bedroom with a double bed, side table & rack for hanging clothes, very simple.  Both of those couches fold out into hide a beds so if you are a family of 5, you could easily sleep here.

this is the dining/kitchen side (table in the foreground).  The only thing missing & we always seem to miss it, is an oven but we make do.  The bathroom is through that door in the back of the room which has a handicapped accessible shower (BIG) & nice built in shelves for storage. 

here is the room looking out from the bedroom doorway. I am a big fan of their style.  furnishings, dishes, & decor are typical lake house/second home/thrifted/hand me downs but the appliances are not. They always have us fully stocked on dishes, clean bedding, odds & ends like dish soap, salt & pepper, coffee filters, Oh & there is a broom & vacuum in every cabin for those little accidents.

 the stormy sky over the pond while sitting at the campfire one evening. each cabin has a fire ring equipped with a swinging rack & hanging bar (to hang pots from while they cook), picnic table & then between each 2 cabins is a mounted charcoal grill. With a fishing pond with in walking distance as well as the owner's home which has some goats, chickens & dogs of their own there is little want for something to do on the property.  Just a small walk down the gravel road past the vacation community will get you to a lake side fishing spot with room for the dogs & kids alike to run on public property.

Now that I have typed this up, I realize I have shared bits of these cabins before.  We have spent a couple of Valentine's weekends here as well as other holiday camping weekends, here. How did you spend Memorial Day Weekend? Do you have a favorite get away location?

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