Tuesday, June 10, 2014

currently: June

planning to combine some of my supplies with Grandma's plants & create some great pots for my deck & house soon
going to not let group dynamics change me.

watching the kids figure out where they fit in our group is fascinating to me. 
reading  books! I read Wonder, 1225 Christmas Tree Lane, & Christmas in Cedar Cove all in a little over a week.  I am about to start Back on Blossom Street, then I plan to request the inter-library loan to get This, this & this
celebrating  the sunny days & the growing garden.
thankful to be able to participate more fully in the Iowa Food Coop these days.
loving that the local Farmer's Market has kicked off its season on the courthouse lawn.
eating  local (in Iowa made) cheese curds, locally grown (in Iowa) salads & homemade sweets as much as possible.
enjoying the change of seasons.
wearing capris, shorts & dresses every day. I love my summer wardrobe!

walking several early mornings each week-still.
trying .to get our Friday Fundays scheduled. I have no idea why this one is taking me so long this year.

feeling lots of change ahead in our summer plans.

planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sage, basil & lemongrass for our garden this year.  looking for suggestions for something that takes 100% shade to put in our 'mud hole' corner of the yard.
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