Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Weekend.

Is it too late to recap Valentine's weekend? Does anyone really care what we did? ok, well, there are not photos to document it so I need to journal/blog about it in case I want to know later in life ;)

Since, we went to the MCC fights in late January, I attended a Friday-Sunday crop in the city, he sent me flowers on my birthday, I got him a Duck Dynasty book + candy for his & we agreed we couldn't splurge on another trip to the lake for their Mystery Dinner, I figured we would hang out at home, have snack-y foods, play games,
make Molten Lava Cakes (these things better be amazing for as long as I have been planning to make them & haven't), & have a quiet weekend with minimal outside interaction. (longest sentence in the history of this blog??)

Friday went off like a normal one around here.
Saturday he decided to skip work-first time in about 8-10 weeks, he's earned it. I did my normal Saturday morning errands-groceries, bank, & then picked up the monthly order of sugar cookies I subscribed to for my Grandparents for their Christmas gift that will last all year. Home for a couple of hours to chill until my hair cut. Then when I returned from my appointment, he had the trunk up on the car & the truck was running.  He was huffing & puffing about how the brake line had blown on the car so we were taking the truck to look at a used camper. (CHEAP used camper-cheap enough we could afford to put some money into it to make it what we want/need)  It was stored at 'lot' down by the lake so we hit the road. Due to the crazy winter weather last weekend + the wind, some spots of the highway were blown over which in turn = some pretty dangerously slick spots. We made it all in one piece, off & on w/me picking on him that he had packed a whole 20# bag of dog food for a 3 hour trip.. his story was that he was flustered after the brake line & just grabbed everything from the trunk to take. *I* fell for it.  So we are following the GPS on his phone until we get to the sign that says 'Whispering Breezes cabins'.  The light bulb comes on! (finally) Seems he had made this overnight reservation for us in a cabin a few weeks ago & kept it a total surprise. Packed food & clothes & everything. THERE WAS NO CAMPER!!!!!!! What a scam. LOL  We stayed here in 2010 w/friends who had stayed the previous year's Valentine's weekend, then we got the whole group there for Memorial Weekend that same year I think & different groups of us have stayed since then.  Its a fun little area. The owners are just over the hill in their house, there is a catch & release fishing pond, pets are welcome. We have always had a good time.
Sunday was an easy breezy lazy morning getting around, we had breakfast, he watched some TV & I read some in my book (on my phone) then we got around & headed for home so he could work on the brake line in the car.

TOTAL SURPRISE!!!!!!! He is good.. looking back through photos, I see this isn't his first Valentine's to surprise me with & he helped with the 2 surprise birthday parties I have had.  I am blessed.

Pretty mind boggling that I didn't take a single photo- even w/my phone-as I have been known to get monster orders like this ~~> from the developer on a regular basis in the not so distant past. 
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