Friday, March 8, 2013


Since both of our birthdays are in February, we have almost always done one big weekend & calling all 3 covered.  a couple of years ago, we invited the only other childless coupole (at the time) in our boating family to join us & we had cabins @ Rathbun, fancy dinner out @ the resort & then we bar hopped around the lake in a blizzard :) goofy but oh so fun!!
the next morning we weren't sure about getting home!
This year, Lauren (the she of the childless couple) invited us to join them @ Rathbun resort for a Murder Mystery Dinner & overnight stay.  HOW FUN!! plus a perfect excuse to get dressed up, do the hair & make up!  I borrowed her yellow dress & bought the scarf, shoes & earrings at a local shop.  it was so fun getting new things & dressing like spring
 Here we are.. Resort room bathroom mirror.. the new photo booth you know..

be still my heart! white & milk chocolate fountains for the appetizers! yummmmmmmthe cast of the show. they were fantastic! this was our first, so we weren't sure what to expect but they did GREAT at putting us at ease!

 ahhhh the Valentine's Couples!

 + =
 The next morning.. in room coffee + this view= could have sat here all day!

Super Fun Weekend!!!
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