Friday, March 15, 2013


feeling blessed to have so many Scrap Pink supporters.
happily stretching my organizing 'bones' again.
loving that its time to work on Scrap Pink again.
finding myself ready to check some other events off my to-do list.
incredibly nervous to participate in the style show tonight.
happy that its Friday.
looking forward to scrapping with a friend out of town w/new friends next weekend.
so very proud of 2 of my hearts.  K. for being chosen to be a crown bearer for the high school sweetheart dance AND her big sister for taking it all in stride.
filling our tummies with new recipes to get out of our rut.
dreaming of all the changes to make in this house before selling and what I hope to find in the next one.
planning some down time this weekend.
taking my time on another big project.
still deciding
thrilled that the bigs had 2 days for Spring Break- to me its perfect amount of time, its still exciting & not yet boring.
ready  to pack away the winter clothes
welcoming all of our little green friends popping thru the thawing ground.
soaking up the sunshine-y days.
wishing we were camping in March like we did last year.
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