Monday, April 22, 2013


I have been so busy-a good busy- that I haven't taken much time for blogging or facebook posting lately, or running, or cleaning, or napping, or much of anything really.  I have been staying true to my favorite form of 'therapy'-Scrapping- tho.  We must do something for ourselves to stay sane :)  So here are some from the June '09 Lake chapter I just finished on Saturday.  (in no important order)
a really busy page but there were so many important sentiments I wanted to include with the photos but keep them all to a single page. So I balanced it with the simpler page on the left.

And in true Kim fashion, working backwards, this is the pile that I started the left page with.This seems to be what's working best for me right now, pull out everything I think I might want to use on that page & pile it allright in front of me while I work on it.

 a single photo page, I don't do many of them but when I do, its usually because there is a pretty good story to tell.

 Gaaaa! amazing paper! so hard to scrap with!  the photo, letters & writing are all I added to this one & it took a long time to be able to use it.

the first time the girls were on the boat. Love the snuggly-ness of this page, the double meaning of the title, & the happy little 'pile' of blue wire at the top.

 I have a zillion of shots like this, our group of boats gathering, then passing trying to splash us. Now that its officially documented, Maybe I will stop taking the same photos every year ;)


 I was ecstatic to find some old star paper to use for some night shots! Kept this page really simple to keep the focus on the photos & the dry embossed stars on the paper.

 I LOVE sparkler photos! OH & giant letters! such a great page to create!

 odd for me to not use a color from the photos for the papers, embellishments & such but this was the closest paper I could find to plaid & I had it in my head I had to go plaid for this page about Shayne & his fashion sence :) I wasn't sure about the button/brad 'arrow' at first, but now looking at the photo of the layout, I am really pleased with it and its effect to direct my eye to the journaling.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole layout!

This amazing frame die cut came from a friend & I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it when I unpacked it!

and this!! is what's left of my 2009 photos to scrap, with the exception of a few 8x10s that didn't fit.  This basket was full & overflowing a few months ago. So exciting for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I very rarely finish anything!  crazy to think that 2009 will have 6 FULL albums of scrapbook pages! AND I will be able to say I have a year finished for the first time ever!
Thanks for looking!
What do you do for 'therapy'?
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