Tuesday, April 23, 2013


feeling refreshed after a pretty great weekend.
happily planning out new recipes to try.
loving that that some of my bigs & I can have conversations that make sence.
finding myself ready to check some other events off my to-do list.
incredibly ready for summer to arrive with its new schedule & amazing sunshiney weather it brings.
happy to have such a full house.
looking forward to a productive week.
so very proud to be balancing so many things & happily deligating when friends offer.
filling my heart with fun time with my littles heart yesterday.  Love me some Ry time!
dreaming of time on the beach.
planning to enjoy 3 big events this summer.
taking in all of the changes in the season.
still deciding whether to hang more photos on the walls or to keep them boxed up.
thrilled to have a full house today.
ready to pack away the winter clothes
welcoming warmer days & nights.
soaking up the last itty bitty I plan to have for childcare.
so thankful that Kora & Sam travel so well together.
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