Wednesday, April 24, 2013

more pages...

Since I don't really have anything else to report, here are some more scrap pages :) These are from 3 different 2009 chapters but scrapped in the past 2 months.

From a night out w/friends.. we had intended to head to the race track but it was rained out so instead, we went out to eat, play @ Bass Pro Shops & then some bowling.. the first set it using a ton of really old supplies, OH how I love that feeling!!

this second set is some more old supplies as well as mixing in some old ones that I jsut got from a friend. Love that Camera transperancy!

this is a 'chapter break' random set of photos that worked well together, taken around this same time of year. again, using really old supplies.

some ods & ends of random spring photos, paired with this old paperline my mom gave me recently, perfect Spring Fever pages!

Jump to November 2009 & you have photos of our first annual wine walk.  This was a toughy for me to get started b/c I didn't have any wine themed paper or embellies so it took a while to get going, but once I settled on the pink/cream/burgundy color scheme, it all fell together & I love them!

a couple of June Lake chapter pages. paper specifically bought for lake photos, old/new stuff from a friend & old stuff from my stash. great pages to start that chapter!

ok blogspot isn't letting me shrink any more down, so I apologize if they are monsterous on your screen :(   These pages were super fun! the papers were all freebies from a crop I recently attended, I am giddy to be finally using that mesh ribbon & proud of my ton of journaling.

ok back to fall.  This is another November weekend.. an impromptu outing w/another couple to our local hang out & I happened to take my camera to catch a couple of fun photos!

oops,  back to that outing w/friends from teh top of the post.  photos of a great display @ Bass Pro! & then photos from us making a stop to check out the handiwork on this vehicle for sale. Lance was determined he was getting 'her' for the lake! so fun! These are NOT across from each other in my book. they just happen to have landed here when I was uploading.  I do love the skrew head brads & wire over the metal looking paper. very masculine.

AND this is what it looks like when I am packed for a crop. 
tired of seeing scrap pages yet? I can dig a little deeper & try to change the subject, or I can keep them coming! I have almost completed a neice's 4th birthday party! lots of pink & tons of purple pages...
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