Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pin it & do it #7

oops, better late than never... Early out last Thursday, No School Friday & Monday with a surprise overnight away on Saturday=nothing blogged, nothing even cooked to blog about. Then we have had stew meat cooked in the crockpot using my roast recipe the past 2 nights for supper as hot beef sandwiches, I made donut muffins yesterday & a friend's meatball recipe I love, so just one recipe pinned & done to report.

First try- Bisquick Cornbread- Ick, that was my first thought when I tried it warm out of the pan.  Upon further investigation I have found another recipe with less butter, sugar (that I plan to sub in honey for) & baking powder to try next time. this one- FAIL! unless smothered in honey :)

the burger I had at Zombie Burger on my scrapping weekend last month. going to in search of copycat recipes!

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