Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring, where are you?

I don't know about you but I am sick of winter. I try not to be a complainer but WOW this winter has been crazy cold & lots of snow too. We aren't used to having both in one year, in recent past years, we have a warm-ish (for winter in Iowa) winter with lots of snow, or frigid temps with very little snow. Well this year, we were 'blessed' with both. I am tired of being inside, tired of the snow, tired of the shoveling, tired of the mess in the entry way, tired of the sniffles we can't seem to get rid of entirely, tired of winter.  At least, Saturday was March 1, so it HAS to start to warm up, right? This week in an effort to 'call in spring' I started some cleaning & decluttering around the childcare. One thing I 'uncovered' was the box of warranties I had dug through to get the fridge worked on earlier this winter & then never got it returned upstairs. (this happens a lot around here)

Taking a little break from Pin it & Do it, in favor of going through some recipes I have on hand. The other day, I was sorting through our extended warranty box during a cleaning & decluttering spree & discovered a sweet little cookbook I received from one of my Grandmas for my wedding shower.  In it, are plastic pocket pages & each pocket has a handwritten *swoon* recipe from guests at my shower *double swoon* AND then not to leave a project unfinished (I totally do NOT get that from her!) she went about writing out enough recipes to fill all of the pockets! Gosh, I love her!  This was such a treasure to find this week as Grandma is struggling to recover from a stroke from October, so I got to see her 'old' handwriting over & over. Many of the recipes were labeled with names of other important ladies from my past;  2 of my great grandmas, a childhood Sunday school teacher, an aunt's prized cinnamon roll recipe, my

Grandma Riemenschneider-this one was unlabeled but I sent a pic of the 2 recipes I thought could be hers & an aunt confirmed which was her writing, along with others from further back in our family.  Finding this spurred up my love of individual handwriting.  Its rare for anyone to like their own, but knowing that others appreciate it should make us better about using it.  Oops, off topic.  Back to recipes.  When I am done recovering from my current cold, I plan to try the 'ice box roll' recipe that has been handed down from my great great grandma, the aunt's cinnamon roll recipe, & Grandma's 'poor man's steak'.

So, to not have you leave empty handed, we baked corn muffins AND pumpkin chocolate chip muffins to keep the oven on for added heat in the basement childcare, since its been so cold this week, Polar Vortex & all.. Whatever, Bring On Spring!
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