Monday, May 13, 2013

Love-checking in

Each year since 2008 I have chosen a word for the year.  All of mine have multiple meanings to me. All can be interpreted differently by others.  All help keep me on track, keep me grounded, & inspire me to keep moving forward. 
words like Focus, Appreciate, Do, Simplify, Journey, & now Love.

So how am I doing so far this year?  I am back to Loving & taking care of me, Loving our current home & taking care of it with all of its quirks, Loving my current routine, Loving scrapping time, Loving my family & friends with all of their individualities, Loving my job & all of the little people I get to care for, Loving the change of seasons... Wow looks like I am doing pretty good as I am sure I could bore you with quite a list of Loves that come to mind immediately!

Did you pick a word this year? Talk to me about it.
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